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"Deliberately cruel"

Of the many stories that have emerged over the course of the last few months, what happened to one young person during the final week stands out as being the most haunting of all.

In our call to John Swinney for an independent investigation, we stated very clearly that the events of the last few days, when critical decisions were taken not by school staff but by an ‘advisory team’ from Perth & Kinross Council, the Care Inspectorate, and Education Scotland, MUST be examined to discover why such cruelty was displayed by ‘professionals’ who wield huge power and influence over our education and care systems.

  • We want to know why it was that national guidance on transition planning was ignored?

  • Why were the views of young people and their parents never taken into account?

  • Why were children’s rights trampled over and abused?

  • Why did that team cause so much long-lasting trauma and why did they act against the advice of trusted members of staff.

Jodie’s story tells you all you need to know about what happened not only to her, but to 23 other young people. But in her case it was particularly cruel.

One of several eye witness accounts has been captured in the documentary ‘We Are The New School’ and can be viewed here.

This must never be allowed to happen again.

Bill Colley