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"It sounds more like Monty Python than a national regulator"

The words of a senior member of staff in a residential service when told about the closure of TNS and what the Care Inspectorate did to the school.

“You can’t issue an Improvement Notice if nothing has happened?”

Well actually, Allison Jamieson, Sandra Wright, and Charlotte Wilson of that extraordinary organisation think that you can.

Mind you, with the Board of Governors giving the impression that they were all on LSD at the time, TNS was swept down a vortex into a make-believe world that not even Lewis Caroll could have dreamt up, so nothing seemed too far-fetched when the whole closure plan was finally enacted.

First get rid of the Head. Persuade the Board that there has been a child protection matter and that he should be suspended, and only then issue the improvement notice when those whose job it is to protect the school run away and cry in the corner of the playground.

It has never happened before but unless challenged, could happen again.

2 senior managers reported by Sandra Wright to their professional bodies AFTER a police investigation had demonstrated conclusively that nothing had happened, and AFTER Sandra Wright had acknowledged that the matter could only concern professional practice if it were true (which we know it was not).

The poor old Board of Governors charged the Head with failing to report a child protection matter that firstly was not his responsibility and secondly they could not even define themselves. When asked recently what evidence they had or what criteria they used to judge that a child protection matter had been reported, Sir Andrew Cubie just stated that he was not going to discuss it.

So two highly dedicated professionals have been abandoned by the very people who should have been supporting them and cast adrift.

The Registrar cannot name the “two failings” she alleged happened at the school, Swinney cannot identify any “serious child protection concerns” and it has taken more than 7 weeks for the Care Inspectorate to even acknowledge the demand for legitimacy to be demonstrated that their own enforcement action was legal.

Westminster is a shamble just now but looks like a well-oiled machine when compared with Scotland.

Had we not lost a vital school and a community, this would all be laughable and something to tell the grandchildren in the years ahead.

What will Sandra Wright, Allison Jamieson and Charlotte Wilson be telling their grandchildren?

It is the stuff of nightmares.

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Bill Colley