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When crises occur, there are those who think not of themselves, but of others.

There is another breed of human being. Those who see an opportunity in a challenge.

At TNS, staff did not sigh wearily when things were not going well for one of the young people and curse that life was not going as smoothly for them as it could have been. They were ‘conditioned’ into thinking of solutions. Never blaming the child or the parents, but always asking what more we could do as a school.

So when things started to fall apart in November, some staff saw that amidst the horror of what was happening to the school there was an opportunity to capture a unique event.

Hours went into documenting the sheer awfulness of the final week and assembling eye-witness accounts of the cold and cruel way that everything we believed in as a school was dis-assembled by the regulators and PKC.

And even before the toner was dry on the redundancy letters, a small team got together to capture on film the traumatic aftermath of the school closure.

Whilst we have been bogged-down in the impenetrable world of FOI requests and fromal complaints, Tree House have been creating something that may have a bigger impact than any legal action or independent investigation.

The Tree House team have already done an outstanding job. From the brief snippets we have seen to date, the heartache of the tragedy has been preserved for future generations to see, perhaps in disbelief, as a reminder of what happened less than a year ago.

Films take time to produce. They take an eternity to produce well.

We cannot thank that team enough for the time and effort that has been spent thus far. Every member of the the TNS community should be grateful for the weeks that have been spent in combing through interviews and weaving together what will be an outstanding but tragic story.

The story will be told. And there will be no happy ending.

But the efforts of the film producers are testament to the resolve we tried to instil in our young people and our staff.

If only others had shown shown courage and resilience when things got tough.

Further information: ‘We Are The New School Documentary’

Bill Colley