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Swinney on the ropes

From a staff member:

“Dear Mr Swinney, A number of weeks have passed since you told the press that you would announce a decision regarding a public inquiry into the circumstances of the closure of The New School, Butterstone. That you have not done so yet is adding to the pain and suffering felt by those who were involved. Worse, it fuels the strong suspicion that by taking no action you are actively condoning the very deliberate and pre-planned campaign of deceit and outright criminality waged by the Care Inspectorate, High Office-Holders within PKC and others towards our much-loved school. I would remind you how many lives have been ruined by these events. Children lost vital schooling, high-quality care professionals lost their livelihoods. However these banners obscure the 'hidden' costs of the 'hit'. I personally have suffered serious harm to my mental health which effects myself and my family. I know of at least 3 former members of staff at the school for whom this is equally true and there are likely to be others. I have lost a lifetime's worth of salary increments by reverting back to being a class-teacher rather than a senior or member of school management - I love teaching but it is simply not possible for me to engage actively with a LA Education Service which I know to be corrupt, self-serving and indeed criminal in its actions. Let me remind you what we now know to be the case: 1) We know that the Care Inspectorate lied repeatedly, including to your own offices, claiming that CP failure had occurred when they knew this was not the case. 2) We know that the consequence of these lies was the closure of The New School. 3) We know that the destruction of The New School was being openly planned within PKC ES High-Offices for many months before it happened. Witnesses and paper-trails will both attest to this. 4) We know that manifest lies were deliberately told to the press and others both before during and after the closure by high office-bearers at PKC 5) We know that the Care Inspectorate broke its own rules repeatedly. 6) By knowingly misrepresenting matters to your office and the RoIS with a clear aim in mind the Care Inspectorate have also committed an act of Fraud, which is clearly a criminal matter 7) We know that high office-bearing officers at PKC deliberately and actively misled elected councillors (a very serious offence). These are just some of the things we already know. That a conspiracy existed across ALL parts of the regulatory framework is an undeniable fact which emerges from an appreciation of the evidence - the amount of evidence we have would satisfy any legal test. Mr Swinney, the 'plausible deniability' defence has withered into non-existence. We are left with high-office holders who are manifestly guilty of bad-faith, fraud, malpractice, conspiracy and misuse of their positions. The mountain of lasting hurt, financial loss and lost-chances among the 'collateral-damage' of The New School is growing ever larger. Meanwhile the people who are responsible for it remain in post, in influence, on high salaries and actively seeking to damage the 'already damaged'. If you are prepared to condone this then your understanding of Justice is very different from mine. More worryingly your understanding of the Scottish Project is entirely different from mine - my feeling was that we were trying to achieve a fairer, more just Scotland. You simply cannot 'stand for' that and simultaneously condone the current situation - that is a position more gross than the people of Scotland would accept. If you have not done so already I beseech you to look at the TNS2019.org website where matters of all kinds are highlighted. This is being read and discussed widely throughout Scottish and World Education circles. The most recent blog article is here: https://www.tns2019.org/new-blog/2019/9/25/the-pkc-campaign-against-the-school

Bill Colley