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We know that a certain member of the Care Inspectorate lied to parents when she stated that they had tried to persuade the Board of Governors to keep the school open. They did no such thing. They stated to the Board that if the Board did not close down the school, the inspectorate would.

We know that they convinced the Board that a terrible offence had occurred which justified enforcement action and that the Board was so naive that they took this at face value. That enforcement action was as illegal as the improvement notice was illogical. Neither will stand up in court.

We know that the Board was unable to judge whether or not a “child protection matter should have been reported” and rather than seek an independent opinion, relied on what the Care Inspectorate told them.

But the real game-changer will be when the Scottish Information Commissioner reveals what the Care Inspectorate told the Registrar of Independent Schools, and what she in turn told John Swinney.

If, as we suspect, the Care Inspectorate lied in a matter as crucial as this, then all hell will break loose.

Then we must consider why it was that Sandra Wright refused to allow two members of staff to return to work (we have this in writing and it was unlawful) and why she reported two senior managers to their professional organisations AFTER she had accepted that the issue could only have been about working practice rather than child protection. And at the time she did this, there was no evidence that anything had happened (we also have this in writing).

There is something fundamentally rotten in the Care Inspectorate and that organisation and the individuals who caused so much suffering may yet pay a very heavy price for “just obeying orders”.

Bill Colley