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Unlucky 13

The Care Inspectorate informed the Board of Governors that they would be taking enforcement action against the school on 2nd November immediately after an independent child protection investigation had concluded that no wrongdoing had taken place.

They wrote to the Registrar of Independent Schools who then contacted John Swinney and it was he who imposed conditions on the school.

These actions caused the withdrawal of Witherslack from the takeover agreement.

The improvement notice made 13 demands.

We contacted the Care Inspectorate to ask them to produce the evidence that would justify each of these demands. 

They have refused. We have appealed and will take the case to the Information Commissioner if that information is not forthcoming.

Not one single piece of evidence has been provided.

We challenged the Care Inspectorate to justify the legality of enforcement action.  They have failed to respond.

The Registrar has blocked a freedom of information request asking for the memo that she sent to John Swinney to be un-redacted so that we can see what she told him. We have appealed that decision and await the judgement of the Information Commissioner.

She was also unable to provide evidence of the 2 ‘failings’ that she said had taken place at the school.

With the Board of Governors refusing to disclose what evidence they had to justify the suspension of the Head, we are in the position, 11 months after the closure of the school where staff, pupils, and parents have not one single piece of evidence that the school failed in any way.

When our investigation started in December 2018 we were convinced that serious wrongdoing by the regulators had taken place to cause the closure of the school and their refusal to justify their extreme actions now convinces us that this was the case and that we have been right all along.

TNS was destroyed by corruption and not by any failings within the school.  It was not caused by incompetence but by a carefully organised campaign involving Perth and Kinross Council and the Care Inspectorate.

Not only was the enforcement action illegal but it was also criminal.  It destroyed a business, caused immense suffering to large numbers of people, and led to financial hardship for the 51 members of staff who lost their jobs.

This is now the biggest corruption scandal to hit Scotland since devolution and it involves people at the highest levels in local and national government.

No wonder they are desperate to hide their wrongdoings. It is not only their reputations that are at stake, but the future of the country.

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