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“What Cubie and his dreadful colleagues did was to destroy a 26 year-old school community. He destroyed lives. He cannot simply disappear and not face the consequences of his own actions.

His job was to protect us all and he failed. Spectacularly so.

His failure to support staff who fought to save the school is one of the worst betrayals I have ever experienced in my life and I never want to go through that again.

If I avoid Cubie, I may be safe!”

“Arrogant, gullible, and completely out of touch. He was the Rees-Mogg of TNS. They were played like a flute. Shameful”.

How did he not see that he was being conned”

“Was there not one decent person on the board to stand up to him?”

“He betrayed Iain, Sam, every pupil and member of staff who has been through the school. God forgive him. I can’t.”

Bill Colley