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Brain scan revealed

A neuroscientist has released images of what was happening inside Sir Andrew Cubie’s brain during the critical period between 2nd November 2018 and the closure of the school on 23rd November.

The video image represents how critical decisons were made and the complex thought processes required under conditions of stress when the welfare of 24 pupils and 51 staff were at stake.

This sheds light on the decisions that he made to suspend the Head of School after discovering that he had done nothing wrong, engaging Witherslack to undertake an ‘independent’ safeguarding report at the very time that they were looking for an excuse to withdraw from a takeover agreement, and then closing the school on financial grounds and robbing dedicated staff of thousands of pounds in notice pay.

It also explains how and why control of the school was handed-over to a so-called advisory team from PKC, Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate that had no understanding of additional support needs or children’s rights.

Actual brain scan from Board of Governors

Bill Colley