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Investigation appeal update

As you may gather, we are still waiting.

It has been over 260 days since parents first requested that John Swinney launch an investigation into the corruption that led the school to close, and 103 since that demand was put in writing.

One specific demand is that the circumstances surrounding the appalling treatment of young people during the final week should be examined in detail, and in particular the roles of PKC officers, Education Scotland inspectors, and representatives of the Care Inspectorate.

So poor was the quality of care when these external agencies were in charge of the school that 3 members of staff asked how they might be reported for child abuse.

Shortly after the school closed on 23rd November, members of staff began compiling eye-witness accounts of what had happened in the preceding days. It can be found here and makes harrowing reading.

At a meeting with parents, Sheena Devlin, Jacquie Pepper, and Karen Reid (all of PKC) tried to blame the school for the serious shortcomings for which they themselves were responsible. It will come as no surprise that this was not accepted by the TNS community. The Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland have blamed the Board of Governors.

The trauma experienced by staff through seeing vulnerable young people suffer has been captured in filmed interviews one of which can be viewed here.

The investigation MUST ask why it was that the so-called ‘advisory team’ was allowed into the safe environment of the school to do so much damage, and why it was that they displayed such a poor understanding of additional support needs and inflicted such harm on young people.

The irony is that our school was forced to close as the result of a false concern raised by a disgruntled member of staff that had already been shown to be untrue, but the genuine harm caused by council officers and the regulators is left to go unchallenged.

As we have said before, there appear to be no care standards in Scotland, and no organisation capable of ensuring that young people are kept safe.

Bill Colley