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Who we are

The staff and parents contributing to this site are the innocent victims of a miscarriage of justice that has cost some their only chance of an education, some their jobs and careers, some their mental health, and some their families.

The views expressed are the amalgam of many if not all of those affected by the tragic closure of one of the best specialist school provisions in the UK - The New School, Butterstone (TNS).


We have 5 key aims;

  1. To re-establish a provision for pupils who cannot be educated in mainstream settings in place of TNS

  2. To ensure that a full independent investigation tales place into the circumstances surrounding the closure of TNS in November 2018

  3. To clear the names of staff wrongly accused of wrongdoing

  4. To campaign for a change in the culture and the working practices of those organisations responsible for the closure of the school

  5. To protect other services from dishonesty, malpractice and corruption to ensure that what happened to TNS never happens again

In sharp contrast to those who brought the school down, we will adhere to the Nolan Principles of Public Service (despite the fact that we are not a public service);

1. Selflessness

2. Integrity

3. Objectivity

4. Accountability

5. Openness

6. Honesty

7. Leadership